Frequently asked questions

How does eXciteOSA device work?

The eXciteOSA device will deliver small electric currents through the Mouthpiece to your tongue, this will stimulate the tongue muscle and improve its tone. The improved tone of the tongue muscle will help in keeping the breathing passage open during your sleep and reduce the vibration of the throat region.

What should I expect from eXciteOSA® therapy?

  • Each session includes four, 5-minute simulation therapy phases.
  • Some patients experience a slight accumulation of saliva during their first few uses.

How should the mouthpiece fit in my mouth?

Two tabs of the mouthpiece should sit comfortably above and below the tongue. The mouthpiece is designed such that when you gently close your mouth, it will naturally sit around your tongue and won’t move during your therapy session. Please do not bite down on the mouthpiece as this may cause damage to the device.

When should I wear the eXciteOSA® device?

The device can be used at any point during the day. Some users prefer to use the device right before sleep because this helps them be more consistent. We recommend using the device during a time of day that will allow you to build a steady habit out of your therapy.

At what level should I start and what is the optimum level for my therapy?

It is important to set the device to the highest possible therapy level that still feels comfortable for you. This will ensure the best possible outcome.

Remember that this journey will be unique to you; your intensity threshold might be 5 or 13. While it is not required to reach the maximum end of the scale, it is recommended to keep the therapy level at or above 4 to ensure effectiveness.

It is important to note that therapy levels outside of your comfort zone will not improve outcome or speed up results.

How soon do I see the result with eXciteOSA®?

You should notice an improvement in your snoring within 4 weeks. This is dependent upon adherence to the recommended therapy program of one 20-minute session daily. Although you may see improvement within 4 weeks, we recommend you finish the 6-week therapy period to ensure you gain the optimal improvement possible.

How long will I use eXciteOSA®?

Therapy sessions are 20 minutes long, are completed 1 time each day, for 6 weeks. A minimum of two 20-minute sessions are required each week thereafter. Failure to complete the therapy sessions following the 6-week period may result in a return of your mild obstructive sleep apnea and/or snoring symptoms. Consistency is key!