Using your eXciteOSA® with a smartphone application

Before starting your therapy be sure to: check the silicon on the Mouthpiece is not cracked or broken before use. If there is any evidence of damage to the silicon – DO NOT USE THE MOUTHPIECE.

Before use, wash the Mouthpiece with cold and running tap water as shown in Fig 4. Avoid water reaching the USB port. Dry with a clean towel.

eXciteOSA safety and care instructions

To start using eXciteOSA®, connect the Mouthpiece with the Control Unit as shown on Fig 5.

Connecting your eXciteOSA device
how to use eXciteOSA

Insert the Mouthpiece into the mouth and allow it to sit around the tongue as shown in Fig 6. and gently close your mouth. Avoid grinding or clenching the Mouthpiece.