Healthcare Professionals, Adherence management has never been easier.

A clinically proven solution that meets
the needs of your largest patient group.1

With a simple to manage remote consultation model
that allows you to easily extend your therapy portfolio.

  • 52% reduction in AHI amongst responders2
  • 50% reduction in ODI amongst responders2
  • 3.9 point reduction in ESS amongst responders2

Complete your armamentarium

eXciteOSA reduces primary snoring and mild osa by retraining the upper airway.2-5

No other device currently on the market does this.

  • Treat patients with primary snoring and mild OSA with eXciteOSA
  • Early treatment may slow progression or possibly delay the need for other treatments

A simple way for Healthcare Professionals to manage patients

Ease of therapy + App-directed support = Patient adherence

eXciteOSA is clinically proven to reduce apneas2

A published study found a reduction of 52% in AHI and 50% in ODI amongst the patient subset who responded to therapy, all without a night-time wearable.

Healthcare Professionals can monitor and manage progress remotely

The eXcite portal allows for remote tracking to support patient adherence.

The portal

Ease of therapy encourages patient adherence

It’s easy for patients to find 20 mins in their daily schedule.

How it works

Are you ready to offer your patients a therapy that is simple, convenient and clinically proven?

Find out how easy it is to integrate eXciteOSA into your treatment continuum for primary snoring and mild osa.

If you are an existing eXciteOSA patient, please contact us here.

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    How It Works

    eXciteOSA helps
    the body help itself

    By addressing muscle function, eXciteOSA is unlike traditional therapies.

    Using Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), the mouthpiece targets and retrains the tongue in order to increase muscle endurance.

    Six weeks of treatment is associated with a significant increase in endurance of the tongue muscle.7 Patients experience a noticeable reduction in symptoms after 6 weeks.2-5

    The eXciteOSA Healthcare Professional Portal

    Supporting and managing your
    eXciteOSA patients has never been easier

    Using the portal, Healthcare Professionals can easily analyze and reference their patients’
    usage patterns, trends and statistics during in-person or telehealth appointments.

    Valuable insights

    An array of interactive reports using proprietary algorithms, highlight relevant usage insights that suit your needs.

    Focused activity

    The dashboard reflects real-time eXciteOSA app data, allowing you to focus only on those patients who need help.

    Remote patient management

    As telehealth becomes the norm and not the exception, the patient dashboard is a useful no cost tool for remote consultation and management.

    Schedule a

    See how eXciteOSA will benefit your patients.

    • 52% reduction in AHI amongst responders2
    • 50% reduction in ODI amongst responders2
    • 3.9 point reduction in ESS amongst responders2

      By submitting this form I acknowledge that the data I provide will be transferred to eXciteOSA for the purpose of keeping me informed of eXciteOSA® news.

      Backed by Experts

      Trusted by sleep specialists

      “We believe that eXciteOSA therapy will be able to help many patients in the near future.”

      — Dr. Marina Carrasco-Llatas

      • Specialist in ORL at Dr. Peset University Hospital, Valencia, Spain
      • Expert in Sleep Medicine
      • President of the Commission on Roncopathy and Sleep Apnoea of the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

      “I am optimistic that this treatment will be an important treatment approach for patients with with mild sleep apnea and snoring.”

      — Professor Atul Malhotra

      • M.D. Research Chief, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
      • Peter C. Farrell Presidential Chair and Professor in Respiratory Medicine
      • Former President, American Thoracic Society 2015- 2016

      “The beauty of this novel device is that, unlike other appliances suggested for treating sleep apnoea, it is not used during sleep and is therefore more convenient.”

      — Professor Bhik Kotecha

      • Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon
      • Honorary Clinical Professor at Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry

      “I’m delighted that I now have another successful option to offer patients with heavy snoring and/or mild obstructive sleep apnoea”

      — Dr. Liam Doherty

      • Consultant Respiratory Physician
      • Bon Secours Hospital, Cork

      “Patients wish there was an alternative non-invasive solution that was not used nocturnally. I am very excited to finally offer them this solution.”

      — Dr. Scott Skibo, MD, FCCP

      • Pulmonologist
      • Haywood Regional Medical Center, NC, USA

      “What is truly revolutionary is that this device actually trains the muscles that go slack and cause snoring.”

      — Dr. Gurs Sehmi

      • Sleep Dentist
      • London, UK

      “This device is unique as it is worn briefly during the day and thus no interference with sleep. There is no other product on the market like eXciteOSA®.”

      — Tanya A Wiese, DO

      • Pulmonologist
      • Norton Pulmonary Specialists, KY, USA

      “A new treatment I feel enthusiastic about is eXciteOSA®. I have recommended patients who snore or have mild sleep apnoea to try it.”

      — Adrian Williams, FRCP, FAASM

      • Consultant in Sleep Medicine
      • Professor of Sleep Medicine

      Signifier Medical Technologies is focused on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions for patients with snoring and sleep-disordered breathing conditions.

      Pioneers in challenging the wisdom of conventional snoring and sleep apnea treatments, we’ve created the first daytime therapy that tackles the root cause of sleep-disordered breathing by physiologically retraining the airway against collapse.

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        By submitting this form I acknowledge that the data I provide will be transferred to eXciteOSA for the purpose of keeping me informed of eXciteOSA® news.


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        *See For Sleep Apnea page