eXciteOSA for military & veterans

eXciteOSA is a clinically proven daytime treatment of mild sleep apnea and snoring now available for military & veterans

Find a VA provider near you to get started with your sleep apnea treatments.

eXciteOSA Mouthpiece and Mobile App For Sleep Apnea

Veterans & sleep apnea

eXciteOSA® is an innovative device that has been clinically proven to reduce mild sleep apnea and snoring. Instead of wearing a CPAP or other device at night, the simple-to-use eXciteOSA® therapy is used for just 20 minutes a day, for six weeks, to improve the quality of sleep.1-2 For many patients, eXciteOSA® gives them lasting relief that does not require masks and nighttime treatments.

eXciteOSA is on the Veterans Affairs National Formulary (VANF), subject to National Prior Authorization criteria.

You and your VA doctor can decide if eXciteOSA is right for you. To be eligible for treatment with eXciteOSA, veterans must be cared for by a VA doctor or VA-purchased-care.

How to get eXciteOSA

Getting an eXciteOSA device from your VA clinic is easy

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment

Call your VA provider or call the VA hospital closest to you to make an appointment.

Meet with your local provider

Download this PDF veteran sleep apnea guide to help guide your conversation with your VA provider.

Receive your device

Once prescribed by your VA provider, you can get your eXciteOSA at the VA or it will be shipped to your home.

If you are not currently enrolled in the VA healthcare system, you may still qualify for sleep apnea and snoring treatment through the VA. To get started you can apply:

Online by going to
By calling
1-877-222-VETS (1-877-222-8387)

Yes, send me the latest updates on eXciteOSA and the importance of good sleep.

Find a VA provider near you and ask about eXciteOSA

(Active duty personnel should contact your Primary Care Manager directly)


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Signifier Medical Technologies, headquartered in London, is dedicated to helping people better manage their Mild OSA and primary snoring by developing and marketing devices, which fit conveniently into a patient’s daily lifestyle.

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