Doctors and Dentists Agree – eXciteOSA Makes a Difference

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By Signifier Medical Technologies|22nd September 2021

eXciteOSA is a daytime therapy, clinically proven to target the root cause of mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring. It’s the first treatment of its kind and fills a major unmet need that doctors and dentists see with patients.


Lack of Sleep Affects Your Overall Health

The reason why it’s so important to treat your mild OSA and snoring is that if left untreated, it can lead to a variety of health problems as Professor Atul Malhotra explains: 

“Treatment of sleep apnea can be highly effective for some patients as it has been shown to improve symptoms, reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents, among other benefits.”

Untreated mild obstructive sleep apnea and snoring can often lead to more severe symptoms. Treating early and getting to the root cause of the problem with eXciteOSA will help lots of patients lead healthier lives. 


An Unmet Therapeutic Need

We sometimes don’t fully appreciate that mild OSA and snoring can do a lot of damage to our bodies. This is evident to Dr. Scott Skibo, MD, FCCP:

“As a pulmonologist, it has become apparent to me that there is a vast unmet therapeutic need in snoring and mild sleep apnea. It is not only the patients that do not tolerate nighttime mouthpieces, but also the patients that do tolerate them-but wish there was an alternative non-invasive solution that was not used nocturnally. These patients are numerous. I am very excited to finally offer them this solution.”

Mild OSA and snoring can degrade our ability to breathe and get the needed oxygen that our cells need for a happy and full life. This is why Dr. Skibo is so excited about a solution like eXciteOSA.


Other Methods Are Cumbersome

One thing we hear often from doctors and dentists is that they don’t have very many options to give their patients, which is frustrating for everyone involved, as Dr. Aditi Desai explains:

“My practice is limited to treating patients with sleep disorders such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and sleep bruxism. The tongue is often the reason I struggle to provide a total resolution of symptoms with a Mandibular Advancement Device for my patients who are snorers and apneas, mild to severe. This is a result of the multifactorial nature of the disease.”

Mandibular Advancement Devices, CPAP machines, mouthpieces, mouth taping, chin straps, and many other devices only target the symptoms of mild OSA and snoring and must be worn while sleeping. It’s frustrating for patients because they can feel hopeless due to their lack of effective options, and also because they are being told to use a treatment that only masks the symptoms for the rest of their lives. For this reason, eXciteOSA has truly changed people’s lives and given them their freedom back.


A Valuable Tool for the Better Sleep Tool Kit

eXciteOSA is part of an ever-increasing variety of devices, methods, and practices that can treat mild OSA and snoring. This multi-modal approach is an integral part of treating this condition because it’s the combination of therapy, generics, and lifestyle that will ultimately lead to different outcomes for different patients as Dr. Gurs Sehmi suggests:

“As a dentist, many people ask me about the personal problem of snoring. It affects both men and women, and for some people, it is very embarrassing. Until recently, the only solution was to physically open the airway while sleeping, by using a custom-made device. When I learned about eXciteOSA, I wasn’t sure if I believed it, but I tried it myself, and after a few weeks, my wife noticed a clear difference.”

This difference is why doctors, dentists, and their patients are excited about the relief eXciteOSA offers to those suffering from mild OSA and snoring. It’s all part of a continuing journey for better sleep.


Solves One of Our Toughest Challenges

One of the most frustrating aspects of mild OSA and snoring is that the treatment options are cumbersome for both patients and their partners. Adherence is the biggest challenge that doctors and dentists face because of the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to use while-sleeping devices. This is what Professor Bhik Kotecha observed as he interacted with eXciteOSA.

“Having done some work with the eXciteOSA device, I have been positively encouraged and impressed with the early results in patients with snoring and mild sleep apnea. It is a novel device with the obvious advantage of not having to utilize it while sleeping. Thus, patient compliance is much better, as is the tolerability and acceptability.”

The two keywords that make us proud of eXciteOSA, other than compliance, are tolerability and acceptability. If you have ever used any other device, you know exactly what Professor Kotecha is saying. It’s so difficult for patients to have to sleep with an uncomfortable device night after night. eXciteOSA offers a light at the end of the tunnel for patients who have felt desperate for a new mild OSA and snoring solution.


A Beautiful Design That’s Easy to Use

Part of the design philosophy behind eXciteOSA was to make it easy for patients to use. This has a big impact on adherence, tolerance, and acceptability. As Dr. Peter M Baptista, MD, Ph.D. has observed:

“I have been very surprised by this device. The feedback and adherence from the patients have been excellent, reporting an improvement in their snoring. The integration between the app and the device work is smooth, easy, and intuitive.”

Making eXciteOSA intuitive for the end-user is a goal we will strive to improve continuously. It’s a great source of pride for us to not only have clinical data to back up our treatment of mild OSA and snoring but also to make the overall experience as pleasant as possible.


Nothing Like it On the Market Today

Treating the root cause of mild OSA and snoring during the day is a unique and novel approach whose time has come as Tanya A Wiese, DO says:

“eXciteOSA is a much-needed treatment option for patients suffering from snoring and/or mild sleep apnea. This device is unique as it is worn briefly during the day and thus no interference with sleep. There is no other product on the market like eXciteOSA.”

Like Tanya, we are proud of eXciteOSA’s distinguishing daytime characteristic because it allows patients to treat their mild OSA and snoring on their own time, rather than being bound to an inconvenient, nighttime wearable. Also, unlike other options, eXciteOSA truly treats the source of the problem, so users can feel empowered at the fact that they are making a positive difference on their health.

With eXciteOSA, patients can get their freedom back to live a healthier life through better sleep.

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