Why Tim Feels More Confident & Relaxed After Using eXciteOSA

Tim eXciteOSA Testimony

By Chris Brown|16th September 2021

Snoring is something that some people don’t know they do. Frequently, it’s through others that they find out that they snore and how bad it can be. For Tim, who was in our first-ever clinical trial, snoring has been with him ever since he was young, and it’s had a profound effect on his life ever since.


Living in the Valley of Despair 

Tim had been living with snoring for as long as he could remember. This burden gave him a lot of anxiety and caused him to live in what he calls the “valley of despair” for most of his life. 

As Tim matured, his snoring was a real source of tension when it came to being in a relationship.

“When I was first involved with girls, you’d get so far into a relationship and start to pull back because you knew inevitably that you were going to have to spend the night. I did everything in my power to avoid this because I knew it was going to cause upset. So, you’d enter into a relationship apologetically saying everything’s great, but your snoring hangs over you.”

We have heard about this anxiety to not disrupt a partner’s sleep from many people. Snoring is a major source of tension between partners, and other solutions either get in the way of connection when in bed or simply don’t work.

Many of our users find themselves in their own “valley of despair” but feel a sense of shame when it comes to their mild OSA or snoring. We bring up Tim’s story to shed light on the fact that, if you can relate to Tim, you are not alone. Luckily, eXciteOSA has been able to change many of our users’ sleep habits, and consequently, it has changed their lives.


Results Within the First Week

The main cause of mild OSA and snoring is when your tongue relaxes, it obstructs your upper airway. The best way to think of this is to visualize those party blower favors. When you blow into them, they unravel. Now, imagine that the tunnel of the party blower was partially blocked. This would likely cause the unraveled tube to vibrate and make a strange noise. The process of snoring can be compared to the blocked party blower, and this is what creates the snoring sound in your upper airway.

As Tim used the eXciteOSA® device, he improved the muscle function of his tongue so that it did not block his upper airway and vibrate as much.

“Within the first week, I woke up feeling more refreshed and I wasn’t quite certain whether it was eight hours of sleep or a change in diet or a change in cleaning regime at home or whatever it was. But then I very quickly attributed it directly to eXciteOSA because we had done all those other things before with no luck.”

While such rapid results are not necessarily the norm, there have been a few users who have experienced profound results extremely quickly, just like Tim did. Tim also brings up a great point about the importance of pairing sleep hygiene habits with eXciteOSA therapy. While eXciteOSA targets the root cause of mild OSA and snoring, there are many other things you can do to improve your sleep, which we will talk about later.


I’m More Confident & Relaxed. It’s Life-Changing

The eXciteOSA therapy journey initially takes 6 weeks, but it has a profound effect on your life. As Tim mentions, it has made an incredible impact on all areas of his life.

“The real improvement I see is that I don’t feel so tired. I don’t wake up thinking, ‘Wow, where did that night go?’ My concentration level has increased. I feel more relaxed and confident. I feel as if I’ve got 10 times more energy.”

While results may vary, Tim’s experience is common for patients that use eXciteOSA because it treats the root cause of mild obstructive sleep apnea and snoring — namely a tongue muscle that lacks the endurance, which causes it to become overly relaxed during sleep and block the upper airway.


It’s Now Part of My Lifestyle

After the first 6 weeks of therapy, patients then use the eXciteOSA device only twice a week. This maintains the results so that they can continue to get a great night’s sleep. For Tim, it’s now all part of his improved sleep-friendly lifestyle.

“I take it with me wherever I go because it’s so easy. And now that my snoring is under control, I use the device a couple of times a week… To be quite honest, because it became so integral to my life, I use it more than I don’t. And I don’t see any issue in doing that. It’s just such a simple device to have with you at all times.”

As we go on this journey to better sleep together, we’re going to share a lot more about how to improve the quality of your sleep. eXciteOSA will be a major part of that, but what we have found is that both mindset and lifestyle changes will enhance the therapy. By staying consistent with therapy and welcoming any changes we suggest, your sleep will continue to improve for many years to come.

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